Polysonic Treatment Instructions

Bullet Preparation – Normally, new commercial or cast projectiles need no special preparation. POLYSONIC FLUID acts as a degreaser during the treatment process.

Treatment Process – POLYSONIC FLUID is an aqueous emulsion and requires agitation. SHAKE WELL before pouring. Mix 1:1 with water. Use at least 1 quart or liter of mix per 100 projectiles.

  1. Pour 1-2 quarts of POLYSONIC FLUID into the Ultrasonic tank. Add water. Note the waterline. You will have to replace some of the water that is naturally lost during treatment.
  2. Place bullets in tank; nose down preferred. It is recommended you use the holding basket that is supplied with the unit to avoid metal-to-metal contact during processing. Any non-metal sieve (dishwasher safe) container/utensil will work. The vibration and metal-to-metal contact will wear shiny spots and provide an uneven treatment and may cause accuracy problems. Try to obtain maximum ultrasonic exposure to the bullet ogive and boat tail; the back half of the projectile.
  3. Set timer for 1 Hour and treat for 1 Hour.   During run, stir and reposition bullets 2 or 3 times.
    CAUTION: The POLYSONIC FLUID will heat up from the natural excitement of the ultrasonic processing that is similar to that of a low grade microwave oven.
  4. Remove treated bullets and lay them on a towel or soft cloth. Then dry them by any of the following methods: an overhead heat lamp, a blow dryer, or dry naturally at room temperature.
  5. Wipe off any excess powder with a soft, absorbent cotton cloth such as flannel or diaper material.
  6. The PTFE and Boron Nitride is embedded and is transparent. You cannot rub it off by hand.
  7. Replace “lost” water in ultrasonic tank. After each 100 round batch treatment, portions of the colloidal particles are taken and the solution becomes weaker. Replace and/or add fresh POLYSONIC FLUID no later than 1000 rounds (10 batches of 100 bullets).

Tip: Save your cleanup cloth. After you have completed the load, use the cloth to wipe down the finished cartridges. Additionally, you might want to take the cloth along to the range and wipe down your ammunition prior to going to the firing line. This provides for a cleaner, smoother operation. The more you rub, the more the PTFE and Boron Nitride particles are embedded and the better your firearm will perform.

We recommend use of RyDol firearms maintenance products (based on PTFE and Boron Nitride Technology) for bore-conditioning and general firearms cleaning and lubrication.

The first couple of groups may appear sporadic until the firearm “marries” with the treated bullets.

Note: You can expect higher groups downrange due to the slight increase in muzzle velocity because of less friction in the bore. You may have to lower your rear sight.

Refills of POLYSONIC FLUID are available for recharging your ultrasonic tank in Quarts and Gallons.

FOR BETTER ACCURACY we recommend that you:

  1. Use same brand of brass
  2. Trim case length
  3. Turn necks
  4. Sort brass by weight
  5. Sort bullets by weight
  6. Weigh all powder charges 0.1 grain

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