Firearms Maintenance Travel Pak

#5500 – Travel Pak – $12.95

2 oz – Spray Solvent Bore Cleaner

2 oz – Bore Conditioner

0.5 oz – Bolt/Sear/Trigger Grease

Meets TSA Carry-On Liquid Size Standards

Bore Conditioning – No special preparation is required. Simply start using RyDol Bore Conditioner. Your bore will be conditioned with continued use. You will notice an ease of cleaning and how the cleaning brush will slide through the bore with much less resistance; a cleaner firearm overall.

Here is how it works – RyDol contains HEXAGONAL BORON NITRIDE and PTFE micron sized particles in colloidal suspension which displace any built up carbon, lead or copper gilding. Through repeated use, RyDol penetrates through and under debris in the bore and into the bearing surfaces of the lands and grooves. This process produces a super slick, consistent surface. The debris is blown out with each shot. The payoff is a tighter group and a slight increase in velocity!  Clean your bore often.  Professionals do. The more you use RyDol the better your firearm performs.  RyDol is non-corrosive and non-abrasive.

New Guns – RyDol Bore Conditioner should be used to break-in a new firearm. Here is a recommended procedure for a Rifle, Pistol and a Shotgun.

  1. Spray RyDol into the bore and scrub the new bore with a bare bore brush. This removes any light oil from the factory armory.
  2. Saturate a patch with RyDol Bore Conditioner and run the patch through several times (5-10).  Leave a light and wet coat.
    CAUTION: EXCESS MAY CAUSE DANGEROUS PRESSURE WHEN FIRING!Fire a single round and re-apply RyDol Bore Conditioner. Repeat for 5-10 shots. Then repeat the procedure for a pair of 5 shot groups; a total of 10 shots; two treatments. Ignore the size of the group; shots will be sporadic.Note:  Do not use a bore brush with a patch. Brushes are for brushing; Patches are for patching; two separate actions.
  1. Run a dry patch(s) through the bore until no residue is present on the patch.
  2. Use a light amount of RyDol EP Grease on the trigger sear. Work the trigger several times then wipe off excess.
  3. Your firearm is now ready for use.

Continue using RyDol spray for routine cleaning and maintenance.  RyDol does not replace metal that has already worn away; however, it will slow the wear process and extend the life of the barrel and other working parts. If practical, always run a dry patch through the bore immediately before using your firearm, especially if it has sat for over a day or more. This if for safety, good maintenance, care and accuracy.

BLACK POWDER and SHOTGUNS require a similar but less rigorous break-in procedure.

For SHOTGUN SCREW-IN CHOKES:  Use RyDol EP Grease as a non-seize lubricant for screw-in chokes.

Firearms External Preservation – Use RyDol spray  to wipe down firearms for external preservation. RyDol prevents rust and corrosion, repels water, salt, sand and dust.

RyDol Spray can also be used as a case lube for resizing.  Lay out brass and spray lightly; mix and spray again.  Begin resizing. 877-727-7912

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